I Cherish the Price of Being Different


The fact that our family is different comes as no surprise to most of you, and many of you accept us just the way we are. Some even love us for who we are. But sometimes, being different comes at a price and that's what this post is all about. Being different did not come naturally to us at first. We were "normal" when we started out. We … [Read more...]

We’ve given up on school at home!

"When do you actually teach your kids?" That's a question we've been asked a few times lately by random people, friends and family, especially when declining something in favour of a homeschool field trip. Most often, when they see us on a road trip during traditional school hours, they assume that we've FINALLY given up on the whole homeschooling … [Read more...]

Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

As I'm writing this, we're on the eve (sort of) of my daughter's 14th birthday, and I'm compelled to write this, as she's already been propositioned 9 times this year alone. She's done well thus far, rejecting each offer, but I still remember being 14. I remember the flattery, the lies and the huge emotional upheavals... Looking back now, it was … [Read more...]

You’re Right, My Husband Controls Me

stepford wives needs last

We've lost friends and family members, because people think my husband controls me. There have been snide remarks from people who barely know us, and family members have unfriended us on Facebook because of his jokes. It's been a long time coming, actually from when we first started "going steady". Perhaps it has to do with our 20-year age … [Read more...]

When your day spirals out of control…

explain anger

Have you ever bounced out of bed with a huge smile, ready to conquer the day, just to have some person or event  deflate your cheery mood instantly? That happened to me today. You'll be relieved to know that I won't go into detail, because it pertains personal information of other people and it's not my place to discuss it. Neither is it crucial to … [Read more...]

Flop-Free Bread Recipe

bread quote

Today, I made myself proud. After years of many unsuccessful loaves of home made bread and a shattered self-esteem, I finally managed to make a fabulous loaf of bread and it went down deliciously with my fabulous home made bean soup (yup - recipe will follow soon, but you can check out my equally yummy lentil soup here). Without further … [Read more...]